Central Florida Region SCCA Solo II Count Down
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Event # SCCA Starting Line School, Geneva, Geneva, Florida Geneva Sat Jan 17  
Event # Solo II Points event, Geneva, Geneva, Florida Geneva Sun Jan 18  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Jan 25  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Feb 08  
Event # Solo II Points event, Geneva, Geneva, Florida Geneva Sun Feb 22  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Mar 08  
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Mar 22  
Event # Solo II Practice and Points event, BCC at Palm Bay, Palm Bay, Florida BCC Sun Apr 19  
Event # Solo II Practice event, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona Sat May 02  
Event # Solo II Practice and Points event, Daytona International Speedway, Daytona Beach, Florida Daytona Sun May 03  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun May 31  
Event # Solo II Points event, Geneva, Geneva, Florida Geneva Sun Jun 28  
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Jul 26  
Event # Solo II Practice event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sat Aug 08  
Event # Solo II Points event, Orlando County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida OCCC Sun Aug 09  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Sep 06  
Event # Solo II Points event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Sep 20  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Oct 11  
Event # Solo II Practice event, Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida Sebring Sat Oct 17  
Event # Solo II Points event, Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, Florida Sebring Sun Oct 18  
Event # Solo II Points event, Geneva, Geneva, Florida Geneva Sun Nov 22  
Event # Solo II Points event, Brooksville/Hernando County Airport, Florida Brooksville Sun Nov 29  
Event # Solo II Practice event, Deland Airport, Deland, Florida Deland Sun Dec 06  

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2015 Schedule Posted, Permanent Numbers Purged
The 2015 schedule has been posted (see left side of this page). The January events should be opening on the DLB Racing site for registration soon. Also please note that the permanent numbers for 2014 have been purged from DLB. If you would like to reserve your number for 2015, please follow the link at the bottom of this page and reserve your number. You must be an SCCA Member to reserve a number, and you must have actual numbers (magnetic or cling), not tape or paper. Trophy rules and any other changes for 2015 will be posted by the end of the month.
Florida State Autocross Championships Event - SOLD OUT
The Florida State Championships to be held this Sunday (4/23) is SOLD OUT. There will NOT be any on-site registration.
Florida State Autocross Championships - Work/Run Order
The work/run order for Sunday’s Florida State Autocross Championships event have been posted here: Work-Run Order. We are asking everyone to please show up early and be checked in by 8:30 am. This will enable us to get the first car out by 9:30am and leave plenty of time for runs.
41st Annual Florida State Autocross Championships
CFR is hosting the 41st annual Florida State Autocross Championships this year. The event will be held on Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 with a practice day on Saturday, November 22nd. The event will be held at our Seminole State College Law Enforcement Driver Training Track site in Geneva, FL. This is a great site that combines a rectangular asphalt pad with a runway-style asphalt extension to give an overall site length of over 1,500 feet. This will be a two day event as follows: Saturday: Practice day. Open ride-alongs, open-instruction. This will be a great opportunity to get acclimated to the site surface grip levels. Sunday: Championship Day. This event will crown the 2014 Florida State Autocross Class Champions in a single, winner-take-all event. 2014 State Champion trophies will be awarded at the event. (Event Information Link) (Event Registration Link)
Daytona Weather Update!!
The word from our track liaison: The rain has subsided and the facility has dried out. We are good to go!
Daytona Registration Open - MUST REGISTER ONLINE
Registration for our Daytona event on the weekend of Saturday 9/27 and Sunday 9/28 is now open on DLB Racing. Please note: Everyone MUST pre-register online. We will NOT be accepting on-site registrations. Please spread the word so no one misses out.
OCCC Cap and Waitlist Update
(1) We have increased the cap to 130 (we were OK with 128 in July. (2) 10 drivers from the waitlist have been issued invites to register. (3) At 9am Sunday, if we are under 130 drivers, the drivers left on the waitlist (currently 15) will be allowed to register in-order on-site until we reach 130. (4) If there are still spots remaining after these 15+ drivers have been processed, the on-site waitlisted drivers will be allowed to register until 130 is reached again.
OCCC 8/10 Event Moved to North Lot
Breaking news!!! Our OCCC event on 8/10 has just been moved back to the North lot. This is the same lot we were in for the July event. Please spread the word.
OCCC 8/10 Registration Full - Waitlist Open
We have reached the 120 cap for our OCCC event on August 10th. We will be accepting waitlisted registrations for now. They will be processed first come first served with cancellations and no shows.
Entry Cap Reached for OCCC Event - 7/13/2014
Please pass the word... we have reached our driver cap for the OCCC event this Sunday 7/13. There is a waitlist available at DLB racing (register as normal and you will be waitlisted automatically during that process), and that will remain open until midnight tonight (7/11). There will also be a waitlist started at the event for walk-up registrations, however these will be behind those on the DLB waitlist. On-site registration will be conducted as follows: 1) On-site registrants will be added to the waitlist behind those on the online waitlist. 2) Once registration closes (promptly at 9am), we will fill in the wait-list spots (from no-shows), in order, starting with the online waitlist, until we reach the cap. 3) We MAY increase the cap on-site depending on course and anticipated weather conditions/timing, but no guarantees. Please be on time!
Street Survival Story
If you haven't seen the link above, CFR is again hosting a Tire Rack Street Survival School. This is a safe teen program designed to provide real-world experience to teens in defensive driving and accident avoidance. To demonstrate the importance of such a school, and as thanks all those who volunteer their time to put these on, I want to relate the following story we just received from a grateful father upon receiving notification that we are again hosting a school: "This (notification) comes just one day after I said a prayer, and gave thanks to God for my daughter taking this course on April 3rd 2010 at the same venue in Geneva. Yesterday, she was traveling on I-95, in wet conditions, when she seems to have hit some standing water in her Fiat 500. The Car hydroplaned but thanks to you and Street Survival, she had been there before! She managed to keep the car from spinning and with God's Grace, no one was hurt. I don't think she fully comprehends what happened, what she did or how she was able to do it, but I Do. My Eternal Gratitude to you, Street Survival, Tire Rack, BMW CCA and all the SCCA volunteers."
Classic American Muscle (CAM) Class now available!
CFR is now supporting the new CAM class at the regional level. Check out the CAM Class Introduction at Solo Matters. The CFR CAM rules are still forming, but those under consideration are: Cars close to an ESP car - must be able to be registered for the street, 140-treadwear tires this year moving to 200 next year, rear-drive 4-seaters with solid rear axles, no missing fenders or structural panels. We'll be happy to take your input!
Announcing New CFR PDX Website and Sebring PDX May 31st
I would like to announce that the new website, for Central Florida PDX Event Information, is now online. Thanks Todd Smith and Teksolvers for your support these many years. Registration is now open for the May 31st PDX, see all the details on the new website at http://www.cfrpdx.com.
Weather Update, Daytona Saturday
I've been getting inquiries about tomorrow's Solo event at DIS and whether (no pun intended) we will still hold the event in light of the weather forecast. The answer is this: Yes. We run rain or shine, but we do pause for unsafe conditions such as lightning, heavy downpour, etc. That said, if we have a sustained "pause" that keeps us from being able to conduct the event within our allotted time, we will have to call it at that time. But.... that is a "game time" decision. If that happens, I'll figure out some sort of equitable credit situation for Saturday's drivers. SO.... PLEASE be prepared for rain. This means bring a poncho or a rain suit, bring large trash bags to put your stuff in when it's cleaned out of your car for Tech and your run-heat. Bring stuff to tie down your tents (we've pretzeled many a tent in the wind). Bring extra shoes and socks for when yours get soaked... basically whatever you think you need for rain.
Brooksville registration closes tonight at 11pm
If you want to attend this event on 5/11, you must register before registration closes because there is no on-site registration allowed for Brooksville events. As of the time of this posting, there are only 22 driver spots left, so do not delay, register now! Here is the event info link. This is a direct link to online registration
Cool video from Deland
I want to thank the DeLand RC Club for coming out and taking video of some our our runs this past Sunday. Here is a video of our Solo Chair's first run integrated with video from his helmet cam... enjoy!
Schedule Update - OCCC!
Please note that the dates for OCCC have been updated in the schedule. The site was not available on the original dates we requested (3rd weekend), so OCCC pushed us up to the second weekend in both July and August. The new OCCC dates are now July 13th and August 10th.
2014 Updates!

- Weekend Memberships & Online Regstration (Non-Members)
- Onsite Registration/Check-in (Members)
- Late Registration Fee (All)
- Permanent Numbers Purged
- Registration Database Purged - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE
- 2014 Trophy Rules Posted
- 2014 Class Changes

Weekend Memberships & Online Regstration (Non-Members)
Weekend memberships are required for non-SCCA members. We are continuing the reduced fee of $10 for 2014. You can redeem up to two weekend memberships within 60-days of the event you purchased it to get a total of $30 off ($15 each) of an annual membership, so that is even MORE incentive to join SCCA. We are asking all non-members to please register and pre-pay online and complete the weekend membership form there. This will make on-site check-in much faster for everyone. If you cannot make the event you pre-register for, you will be issued an event credit for that event. Non-member event credits are good for one future pre-registration only. In other words, if you pre-register for a future event using your event credit then no-show that event, you will lose the event credit.

Onsite Registration/Check-in (Members)
To help complete registration faster, we are asking that all members preregister and pre-pay online. There will be two lines for registration: Pre-registered/paid, and all others. If you did not pre-register and pre-pay online you will be stuck in the slow line. Hopefully everyone will take advantage of the pre-registration and payment tools provided online and speed things up! If you cannot make the event you pre-register for, you will be issued an event credit for that event. Members event credits are good until you actually run an event. In other words,even if you register for a future event using your event credit then no-show that event, you will still have your event credit.

Late Registration Fee (All)
On-site registration closes at 9am sharp. If you are not in line at Timing and Scoring by the time registation is declared closed you will be charged a $10 late fee to register.

Permanent Numbers Purged
Permanent numbers have been purged, and will be purged at the end of each season. You must re-register for your permanent number using the link on the home page. Here are the permanent number rules:

- Only SCCA Members may have permanent numbers
- To have permanent numbers, you must use "permanent numbers" such as magnetics, vinyl, or paint (i.e. No tape or paper numbers).
- You may register the same number in multiple classes, but ONLY if you actively switch between classes.
- Reserved numbers will NOT be available for use onsite, so please do not register for a permanent number if you do not plan to run consistently this year.

Registration Database Purged - PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE
Each year we purge our AxWare database. This means that everyone will need to have their data re-entered into the system. The BEST way to do this is to preregister online for the first (and every) event. Doing so will automatically enter your data into AxWare, honor your permanent number, and also give you the opportunity to pre-pay and get in the quick check-in line onsite.

2014 Trophy Rules Posted
See the 2014 Trophy Rules on the home page

2014 Class Changes
Dont forget that there are big class changes for 2014. The stock classes have been renamed Street R for 2014, and the new Street classes have updated rules. Look for the 2014 draft rules on the SCCA rules downloads page for details.

2013 Florida State Autocross Championships Dates FINAL
It is MSCCs turn to host the Florida State Autocross Championships. The event will be held October 5th and 6th (This is now confirmed) at Sebring in conjunction with a NASA event. NASA will be running their races and HPDEs on the big track and the Autocross Championship will be held on the concrete 12hr paddock. There will be a practice event on Saturday ($35) with the race on Sunday ($65). Registration is at MyAutoEvents.com . The deadline is 10/1/13 to receive a t-shirt. Check the flyer for details, especially if you have a junior karter: State Championships Flyer
2013 Class and Pax Championship Rules Reminder
As we enter the final 3rd of our 2013 season, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone of the Class and Championship Points rules. Originally we started out with 16 events (trophy rules say 17, but it was 16), with 10 required to qualify for a class trophy. Since then, we have added 4 Brooksville events for a total of 20 events for the season. The minimum qualifying number of events will remain at 10. Counting this Sunday (8/25) you have 6 more opportunities to get your 10 events in. See the full rules for tie breaker and PAX rules.
Tire Rack Street Survival School
Registration is now open at www.streetsurvival.org for our October 26th Tire Rack Street Survival School at Geneva, Fl. Entry will be limited to 30 teen students and the cost of entry is $75.00. Water and soda refreshments will be available during the day and lunch will be provided to all those in attendance. All questions from CFR parents/grandparents or other interested parties should be directed to Art Trier (qreshadow@bellsouth.net)
DIS Saturday Practice Results (5/4/2013)
We finished our first attempted recovery of the Saturday DIS Practice results and upon cross-checking with a printout from the first heat, determined that there were still errors. We will continue to work this in the background and hope to post results sometime in the future.
Sebring PDX Saturday June 1st
Registration for the June CFR PDX is now open, This PDX event is open only to Advanced/Intermediate PDX participants.
You meet this criteria if any of these are true..
  1. You hold an SCCA PDX license or an SCCA competition license
  2. You have a long history of tracking events with other SCCA recognized organizations such as, PCA, NASA, CHIN, BMW, PBOC, etc.
  3. You have an SCCA Time Trials log book that indicates the ability to "solo" and have successfully completed at least three SCCA PDX events
  4. Have received an entry waiver from the PDX Chief Driving Instructor.
This event will take place on Saturday June 1st is now open on the dlbracing website. The event, on the Sebring short course is only open to Advanced/Intermediate drivers. Maximum entry will be 35 cars and there will be 2 passing zones. All this for just $90.00. Such a deal!
Daytona PDX April 13 and 14th!
It is a new year and the first PDX of the season is at Daytona International Raceway April 13 and 14th. All level of drivers are welcome. Entries will be limited to 40 cars per day. To view the entry list, get more details or register go to the DLB Racing site.

Click here for a brief overview of a CFR SCCA Perfomance Driving Experience.
Attention: Brooksville Event Dates Have Been Solidified!
Four Brookesville dates have been added to the schedule. Volunteers are needed! Please contact Dave Welsh if you can help out.
Attention: March 31st Brooksville Event to be Rescheduled!
The new date is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.
 Old News
Permanent CFR Number Selection

Permanent numbers can now be reserved for the year on DLB by selecting this link Simply select your number and class. Reserved numbers are on a first come first serve basis. Please pre-register for events to help speed up the registration process in the morning and also to make sure we have your correct information.

You should also check to verify that your SCCA membership is up to date for 2014. You can verify your membership on DLB by selecting "Account Settings" --> "Club Memberships" tab on the DLB page. Enter your SCCA number and choose Central Florida Region SCCA and click the "verify" button. This allows you to pre-pay with the SCCA membership rates.

2014 trophy rules and schedule are now available, see sidebar!

Welcome! Your official website for Sports Car Club of America sponsored Autocross and all racing Solo in and around the Central Florida area. For more information on SCCA Solo, Club Racing, and Rallycross, visit the SCCA website at www.scca.org. If you are not yet familiar with Autocross then read a short description of Solo here.

As was the case last year, do not forget to bring your driver's license and SCCA membership card to each event.

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