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This document was written in response to the need for a standard set of rules governing the conduct of low-speed, autocross-style, driving skill competitions known as SOLO II Events hosted by the CENTRAL FLORIDA REGION of the SPORTS CAR CLUB of AMERICA.


The following policies and procedures were prepared in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the 1997 issue of the Sports Car Club of America SOLO I & II Rulebook and subsequently revised to maintain compliance with the 2000 issue of the same rulebook. Should future revisions of the SCCA SOLO I & II Rulebook contain new guidelines or the SCCA SOLO Events Board set forth additional guidelines that conflict with this document, the SCCA SOLO I & II Rulebook and the SCCA SOLO Events Board guidelines will have precedence.

This document describes the tasks which should be performed before, during, and after SOLO II events that are hosted by the Central Florida Region of the Sports Car Club of America (CFR/SCCA). The policies and procedures contained in the document are guidelines that may be modified on a per-event basis. However, any such deviation from these standard event practices should receive prior approval of the CFR/SCCA SOLO Program Chairman, the CFR/SCCA Regional Executive, and/or the CFR/SCCA SOLO Board.


For a CFR/SCCA SOLO II Event to be held, it must first receive prior approval from the CFR/SCCA SOLO Program Chairman and CFR/SCCA Regional Executive and must adhere to the following requirements, as well as any additional requirements set forth by the SOLO Safety Steward, the Divisional SOLO II Event Steward, and/or the SCCA National Office. All contractual obligations must be approved by the CFR/SCCA Regional Executive.

A written request for a CFR/SCCA SOLO II Event must be submitted to the CFR/SCCA SOLO Program Chairman and the CFR/SCCA Regional Executive by the Area SOLO II Coordinator and/or SOLO II Event Chairman no less than 45 days prior to the event. More than 60 days advance notice of the event is highly recommended to provide additional lead time to secure sponsors and for event promotion. Additional lead time may also be required for special events and to obtain the event sanction and site insurance from the SCCA National Office.

This version of the SOLO II Policies and Procedures manual is brought to you by Frank Edwards, Tampa Bay Area Coordinator and Solo II Chairman. You can reach me via email at or by voice at my home/office number, (888) EEC.COM.0 (that's 888-332-2660). Visit my website at and look for the link to my autocrossing page where I have photos and commentary of past events, as well as a growing list of course layouts from the races I've participated in.

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